Understanding Kombucha Scoby and Its Health Benefits


You have probably drunk or heard of kombucha tea, a sweet beverage made by fermenting a mixture of sweetened tea with a bacteria and yeast combo.
When the mixture is added to the sweetened tea, it is left for a week to ferment. During this time, the yeast in the works on the tea’s sugar, breaking it down to produce probiotic bacteria. That is the reason why kombucha tea is usually a fizzy drink.

In this article, we look at the health benefits of kombucha scoby.They include:

Gut Health

digestive systemProbiotic bacteria are one of the products of the fermentation process. The human gut contains healthy bacteria, and consuming kombucha tea can help increase the numbers. The fact that kombucha tea undergoes a fermentation process means probiotic bacteria are produced. These bacteria enhance your gut health by helping treat diarrhea and other medical complications like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Useful bacteria in the gut does not only play the role of enhancing your digestion. Studies indicate that healthy bacteria can help improve your immune system. This means drinking kombucha tea made from scoby can boost your immune system.

Reduce the Risk of Infections

In our daily activities, we interact with bacteria, which can be potentially dangerous to the body. Drinking kombucha tea can help reduce the threat posed by these bacteria. When brewing kombucha, it produces acetic acid, which has been found to kill harmful bacteria. Kombucha can kill these bacteria before they enter the body and turn into a dangerous disease.

Improve Mental Health

mental issuesA lot of people globally, including celebrities, have suffered from depression. If not controlled, depression can drive a person to end their life. Kombucha tea can help reduce depression. Kombucha fermentation produces probiotics that can aid to reduce depression, thus enhancing your mental health. There have been studiesĀ  that prove probiotics can help reduce depression in people.

Reduction of Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the most dangerous medical conditions in the world. It gets even worse knowing that cancer has no cure. Day in day out, humans are exposed to cancer risks, but do you know that drinking kombucha tea can help reduce your risk of suffering cancer?A study conducted in 2008 shows that kombucha can prevent the growth of cancer cells. A similar survey conducted in 2013 shows that cancer cells survival ability is reduced in kombucha. This means that kombucha tea can potentially help reduce the risk of cancer or the severity of those already diagnosed with it.