How Melatonin Can Help You Sleep and Feel Better

melatonin sleep aid

Melatonin is an official name for the sleep hormone that everyone relies on, to get to bed and close eyes unconsciously yet few people understand its role and are even aware of its existence. The hormone comes from your pineal gland, which sits somewhere in your brain and it can also be in other places. Examples of possible areas include eyes, bone marrow, and gut but for this article’s case, the brain will be the main area of discussion. The presence of melatonin is good in the body as it helps you get to sleep, although it needs your help and that of your other body functions. Read on to find out how melatonin can help you sleep and feel better because this might be a chance to transform your life.

Melatonin revives your sleep cycle

You have a circadian rhythm that governs your sleeping patterns. In some hours of the day, you will feel very active while in others you will feel sleepy. The circadian rhythm is responsible for the variation of these feelings although some foods and drinks like coffee sometimes interfere with the natural progression of waking up and spending the day and then going to sleep at the end of the day. The triggers that promote your body’s alignment with the natural sleep cycle are good while those that work against it eventually cause deterioration of your health.melatonin dosage for better sleep

Melatonin acts as a sleep aid

You can use melatonin bought from a reputable dealer as a sleep aid, and it will do the good work of the hormone. It will increase your capability to fall asleep when you need. However, you have to work with your sleep routine rather than against it and ensure that you consult your doctor for the right dosage to avoid melatonin overdose. Therefore, you need to focus also on the external circumstances that you are subjecting your body when you go to sleep. Furthermore, you need to focus also on the right dosage of melatonin so that you do not become too sleepy and you do not become too dependent on the product.

It slows down brain activity during sleep

The melatonin increases your sleepiness in a few hours by forcing a shutdown of the brain involuntarily. You may want to work throughout the night but at some point, when your sleep time kicks in, the mind starts to wander off to different places, and your eyes get heavy. The substance causing the changes is melatonin. If you take it an hour or two hours before bed, you can expect to sleep immediacy when you lay down.

It has antioxidants that help with eye health

melatonin for sleep pillsMelatonin is good for your eyes. In addition to helping, you avoid eye strain since you will be sleeping longer and better with melatonin, you can also expect improved eye health because of the anti-oxidating features of the supplement. Aging people need melatonin a lot because their eyes are prone to eye diseases due to their age. The melatonin will help with the regeneration of new cells around the eye organ to prevent early onset of muscular degeneration around the eye area. Thus, there will be less pain when seeking to sleep, and the sleep experience will remain pleasant.