Guide To Finding A Psychotherapist


If you are undergoing issues and are finding it difficult to cope with them, then you may need someone to help you through the journey. It may be you are experiencing depression, have anxiety, are bipolar or have a mental health condition and need professional assistance to help you cope with the issue. Psychotherapists are able to help one cope with tough situations and overcome their emotional problems. According to Leslie Zebel PhD who has a psychotherapy practice the therapists use a variety of techniques and methods to help an individual or group improve their well-being and mental health. If you are looking for a psychotherapist below is a guide to finding one.

Finding A Psychotherapist

Where to find a psychotherapistgirl sitting

Ask your general physician or any other health professional and ask them for a recommendation of a psychotherapist that they may know. Professionals in the same field know each other and can provide a referral. Secondly, you can talk to friends and family and find out if they would know of any psychotherapist. Word of mouth information is considered reliable. You can also contact your local or state psychological association who will have a list of practicing psychotherapist whom you can consider.

Look at their credentials

It is essential that one looks at the credentials of the psychotherapist. The therapist needs to be trained, qualified and licensed to practice. They also need to be members of a professional association of psychotherapists.

Years of experience

One also needs to find out how many years the psychotherapist has been in practice. What experience they have had and especially in regards to the condition that the patient is undergoing. This will give one the confidence that the psychotherapist is knowledgeable about their particular situation.


It is essential that one gets to know the location of the psychotherapist practice. One needs a psychotherapist whom they will be able to access and one they are comfortable with.

Meet with the psychotherapist

two person talking illustrationOne needs to meet with the psychotherapist. This will help them find out if they are comfortable working with them, for this is a fundamental element in ensuring that one has a successful therapy. If a person is not comfortable, they will not be able to open up and discuss what is disturbing them. Secondly, one will be able to find out what the cost of the therapy will be and what type of treatment the psychotherapist does and if there is proof it has been effective in dealing with the problem you have. Lastly, find out whether the psychotherapist has a waiting list or can you begin your therapy immediately.